Business Consultancy

At Ica2 we deliver business consultancy projects based on our client’s needs. Knowledge management, innovation and R+D management are our areas of expertise.


Competency Development

Using innovative methodologies, we facilitate the development of core competencies, spread and build knowledge management attitudes to achieve collaborative behaviours.



Over the years we have generated various technologies that support and facilitate the deployment of knowledge management strategies.


Frameworks and Methodologies

Based on academia and decades of experience we have configured and perfected a set of models and methodologies to apply in wide range of industries, organizational contexts and other characteristics.


Our Experience

Private Sector

Through the years, ICA2 has collaborated with various clients in the design and implementation of strategic processes. Ranging from optimizing in-house knowledge management processes, to triggering innovative and collaborative behaviours. Our aim is to provide the necessary tools and competencies needed to successfully achieve organizational change in order to become a reference in the field.

Non-profits (NGOs)

ICA2 has developed strong bonds and compromises with this key sector of society through organizations, foundations and NGO’s that seek to close the breach of opportunities, security and safety inequalities across the globe. Our business expertise and collaboration has helped them do, what they do best, help others in need.


ICA2 is heavily vinculated to Universities. Aligned with academia and always close to where innovation occurs, ICA2 has been able to devise and develop strategic activities to position private universities.

Public Sector

ICA2 has collaborated successfully with various ministries, town halls, semi-public organizations and other public institutes framed around knowledge management principles and competency development. This has been achieved through the design and implementation of communities of practice, virtual and physical workshops and intellectual capital reports.